About us

Beato signal Beato signal LLC is a family company which engages in designing, manufacturing and installation of traffic, tourist or advertising vertical signalization, as well as in communal furnishing and LED lighting.

The company was founded in 2002, but we have been engaging in this profession since 1994, always with the main goal to contribute to the improvement of traffic safety, and to offer high quality products, reliable service and acceptable prices to our business partners. Taking into consideration we use materials from the EU with all the certificates and guarantees which are subject to their norms and standards, we believe to have succeeded in this endeavour. We also believe the most important goal is our customers' satisfaction, which is why our main activity is to meet their various requests and demands.

Since the world is turning to a reduced energy consumption and a better environment protection, we have decided to follow this upward trend in a way that in 2009 we started to engage more intensely in renewable energy sources. This primarily refers to the energy from the Sun. Namely, many of our products are based on feeding by using solar panels. In addition, we have replaced most of classic illuminated products with products that use LED lighting technology, with the purpose of saving energy and protecting the environment.

When making traffic signs, we exclusively use 3M foil that is applied on the highest quality aluminum, which is certified by a high score on control tests by IGH Institute and the quality system certified by DNV HRN EN ISO 9001, as well as 3M's certificate issued in Switzerland in June 2011. Signs have bent edges, they are fortified with omega profiles and protected with epoxy grey paint. Poles for traffic signs are made of steel. They come in different diameters, have different wall thickness, and are hot zinced. Unlike standard round tubes, they have their spline along the entire length, which makes them anti-rotational, meaning it isn't necessary to additionally secure the sign from spinning.

When making tourist signalization, in addition to the above mentioned materials, we use aluminum profiles and poles painted in different epoxy colours, according to our customers' wishes.

In cooperation with a foreign partner, one of the largest manufacturers of steel and aluminum profiles in the world, as well as with renowned local designers, we are able to offer you a product with top quality visual solutions on long-lasting materials, all according to the positive regulations and high European standards.

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